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May 19, 2008


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That's interesting that there are state soils. I don't know how they could select just one type of soil for NC as there are at least 3 very distinct types. Our soil here in the center of the state is red clay. We have to amend the soil with lots of organic matter or bring in top soil in order to plant any flowers and shrubs. In the mountains it's more like regular fertile loose soil - not the clay that we have here. Nearer the coast (in the Sand Hills), they have a sand in their soil. NC is really a diverse state.


Hi Cheryl & Steve,

Official state dirt is very cool. But does your state have an official pie? Here in Florida we do.

While our legislature couldn't find the time to pass an election finance reform measure or set up health insurance for the poor they did have time to debate what the official pie would be. They decided. It is -- Key Lime Pie. Yum.

We are back from the cruise and will be reading and commenting on your lovely blog again. You can read all about the cruise and see pics of it at my blog.


North Carolina's diversity sounds lovely. Different soils grow different things.

I knew you were going to say Key Lime Pie, that is what Florida is famous for! I don't think Hawaii has an official pie, but I bet our politicians would love to debate about it instead of dealing with other more important matters.


This was a revelation to me. I never knew there was such a thing as state soil. Next time I'm in Hilo, I'll have to grab a sample to see how it compares with the soil here in Kohala. I know one thing: our volcanic soil is exceptionally rich. We like to say that gardening is easy here: just add water!


Hi Bobbie,
Kohala is beautiful. I would love to live there and do organic gardening.

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