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September 27, 2007


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Thank you for telling the story of the stone.


Very interesting! Thanks for telling the story and the photo!

Hilo Boy

The Naha stone wasn't "found" half a century ago. It had been in place in front of the old library (as I remember...in any case it was a building just makai of the main Post Office) for years. Half a century ago it was moved to the new library -- that's all.

I was present at the moving.


Kenyo and Sheila,
I am glad you enjoyed reading about the Naha stone.

Hilo Boy,
Thank you for the clarification on the move of the stone, and it is really neat that you actually witnessed the move! I did the best I could from the information in the "Hawaii Nature Notes" article that I quoted, if you click on the link it starts at the beginning:


For many, many years, there lay, in the back garden of a house in Hilo, Hawaii, a great rectangular lava stone. For so long, indeed, had it lain there, that this present generation has well-nigh forgotten its existence. The ever-present rank growth of the lantana had covered it, and its resting place bid fair to remain undisturbed forever.

But a revival of interest in the ancient relics of the past, brought it to light once more, and it has recently been moved to a place of great honor, on the grounds of the Hawaii County Library, near the bank of the river which plunges on its way to the sea, through the pleasant and beautiful Crescent City by the blue Pacific Ocean.


I spoke to the Hilo Library reference librarian who found me an article from the Hilo Tribune Herald newspaper dated February 10, 1963. On March 4, 1951 the Naha and Pinao stones were moved and placed on the side of the "new" library on Waianuenue Avenue. On August 7, 1962 it was moved to the front of the library where it remains till this day.

Previously it lay in front of the old library on the makai side of Kekaulike Street by the Hilo post office.


I was unawae of this little bit of Hawaiian history, so mahalo for bringing it to my attention. I know of several sacred pohaku on Oahu that I've been meaning to visit "some day." Mahalo for the reminder - moving that item way up on my to-do list!

Visiting for the Carnival of Aloha. What a perfect post you've submitted!

Maui Photographer

Such an interesting post. I had never heard of the Naha Stone until now. What a great story.

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